Toprose Gold Premium Rose & Shrub Feed

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Roses are some of the most elegant and loved garden flowers and shrubs, but getting the best from them can seem a challenging endeavor. If you are looking for top tips to grow the most beautiful roses in your neighbourhood, turn to Toprose Gold - a unique premium rose food for top class, longer lasting, guaranteed bigger blooms. Toprose Gold contains the ideal balance of nutrients to help your roses grow strong roots, lush green leaves and magnificent blooms. Iron helps protect your roses from disease and added seaweed extract means the plants can use the benefits of these wonderful nutrients to the maximum, giving them a real boost.

    • A unique premium rose food, with biostimulants to encourage the plant to better utilise the benefits of the fertiliser
    • Top class: longer lasting, bigger blooms guaranteed
    • Increases root development and encourages efficient nutrient absorption for bigger, brighter and healthier plants
    • Allows new rose bushes and shrubs to better survive transplanting
    • Re-sealable, waterproof packaging fertilisers

Available sizes: 1 kg

When to use

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How to use

Application method: 
Bare-rooted plants Dig a hole which is wide enough and deep enough to allow the roots to spread out fully. Average size 60cm across and 25cm deep. Mix one handful of Toprose with the bottom soil. Bud union should be 2.5cm (1”) below the soil level when planting is completed. Container-grown plants Water thoroughly before planting or removing the container. Cut down the side of the container when stood on the base of the hole. Remove this cover very carefully. Once planting is complete, scatter one handful of Toprose Gold per sq.m. around the plant and water in well. For optimal uresults, apply every 3 weeks.

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    NPK 12-5-10

Precaution of use

Reseal bag and store under cool, dry conditions If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand Keep out of reach of children Read label before use

Regulatory information