Take Root - Root Growth Stimulant

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Transplanting your plants can be a stressful process for them and for you as the chances of survival are not guaranteed. If you want to help your plants settle with ease in their new home, use Take Root - a natural blend of seaweed extracts, especiallay selected for their positive effects on rooting. After watering into the soil, Take Root significantly increases root mass - for better survival, establishment and strong, healthy plants. The product is certified by the Soil Association, making it ideal for organic growing.

    • Improves survival and rooting of cuttings and transplants
    • Increases root mass
    • Boosts plant survival
    • Strong healthy growth
    • Apprived for organic gardening
    • Soil Association Certified Produce

Available sizes: 500 ml

When to use

Not applicable

How to use

Application method: 
Dilute 20ml in 9 litres of water PROPAGATING - Apply as a root drench each time water is needed. Soak hardwood cuttings in solution for 24 hours prior to inserting into rooting medium TRANSPLANTING - Apply when watering in after planting. Releat weekly as a root drench for the first 3 weeks after planting.

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    seaweed extract

Precaution of use

Keep out of reach of children We recommend wearing gloves when handling the product over long periods of time.

Regulatory information