Solabiol BUXatrap®

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Solabiol BUXatrap® Box Tree Moth Trap is an effective pheromone trap certified by the INRA Institute. Providing season-long biological control, it captures the moths, breaking the life cycle allowing box trees to flourish.

    • All in one trap – pheromone and trap included.
    • Season-long biological control
    • Reusable trap
    • Pheromone effective for 3 months
    • Covers up to 180sq.m

Available sizes: 1

When to use

Not applicable

How to use

Application method: 
Reusable Trap
Remove the syringe from the sachet Take off the cap of the syringe and syringe half of the liquid into the first basket (the liquid gel is thick and won't run down) Clip the basket inside the green cap in the dedicated area Clip the green cap onto the see-through base cup Fill the second basket with the remaining contents of the syringe and put it in the centre hole of the green hat Hand the trap using the small rope provided or place it on the ground or on a garden stake positioned close to the box trees to be protected Keep the second syringe in its original packaging and store in a cool, dry place 3 months after the trap installation, follow the steps again using the second syringe After the season's treatment, you can reuse the trap, using the BUXatrap® Pheromone Refill for Box Tree Moth Trap




Precaution of use

Put the trap in place at the beginning of the season (April) before the first flight to attract and trap the male moths and limit the reproduction. You can also put the trap during the flight season to evaluate the level of infestation.

Regulatory information