Seaweed Meal 2 kg

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Seaweed has long been regarded as a natural fertiliser and for centuries coastal farmers reaped the benefits by spreading it on the land. Totally natural seaweed meal provides a rich source of nutrients and trace elements, which stimulate the activity of benefical soil microbes. This results in healthier soils, better soil structure and excellent root growth. Seaweed also improves resistance to environmental stress, helping plants grow strong and healthy.  Maxicrop Natural Seaweed Meal is a natural soil conditioner which encourages strong healthy growth all round the garden. It improves soil condition & supplies the minerals & trace elements it requires, activating compost heaps. and is a natural moisture retainer. Maxicrop Natural Seaweed Meal makes valuable humus & encourages fertiliser uptake whilst increasing resistance to environmental stresses.

    • Improves soil condition
    • Supplies minerals and trace elements
    • Activates compost heaps
    • Natural moisture retainer
    • Makes valuable humus
    • Encourages fertiliser uptake
    • Increases resistance to environmental stresses
    • Excellent spring lawn dressing
    • Approved for organic growing
    • Soil Association Certified Product

Available sizes: 2 kg

When to use

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How to use

Application method: 
For borders and general planting - apply at a rate of 140-200g per sq.m. and hoe in. For lawns - apply 70g per sq.m. as a spring dressing When composting - sprinkle 150g onto each 150mm layer of material to be composted in a typical compost bin As a moisture retainer, mix 100-125g per 10 litres of compost

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    dried seaweed powder

Precaution of use

Store in safe, cool, dry place away from children. Re-seal pack after use

Regulatory information

Store in safe, cool, dry place away from children. Re-seal pack after use