The principles of Maxicrop

Maxicrop is probably the most widely respected and well-established seaweed extract brand. We are market leaders in many different regions of the world.

Our long-term customers place great store by the fact that that they know they are getting a quality product that produces the results they need.

However, there are other seaweed extracts available in many markets. Most differ in the way that they work and the claims that are made. So why should you choose Maxicrop?

First and foremost, we believe it is important to look behind the product packaging and promotion. Check out if every claim that is made can be substantiated.

We believe you’ll find that our technical database – which includes many published scientific papers – does just this. We know that no other seaweed extract supplier can match this depth of information or scientific credibility.
Secondly, dig even deeper and look at how any supporting data is achieved. Some manufacturers present evidence on their product’s effects from only a handful of sources and some use less than watertight testing methods. We don’t do this. Our results are statistically significant and produced by leading research establishments – acknowledged experts in their fields.

These claims – as laid out in this web site – are based on research on our seaweed extract – nobody else’s. We use a unique manufacturing process to produce a consistent product for consistent plant responses.

Finally, we’ve been supplying seaweed extract for 60+ years. We have been and are in the business for the long term. We are sure it won’t take you long to find a satisfied Maxicrop customer who would be happy to provide you with a long-term testimonial of what our product has done for him.



Greater soil microbe activity – for better roots and healthier soils

Maxicrop stimulates beneficial soil microbes, enhancing the growth and development of strong, healthy root systems. These beneficial microbes also release more nutrients from soils. The resulting healthier soils have better soil structure and improved moisture-holding capacity. 

Increase Chlorophyll


Maxicrop increases levels of plant chlorophyll – the green pigment essential for plant development. This ensures better use of energy from the sun, fuelling strong, healthy growth.

Stress Relief


Maxicrop acts within the plant, raising natural defence mechanisms to a higher level. As a result, plants are better equipped to resist environmental stresses and remain vigorous under hostile growth conditions, diverting more energy into growth.



Maxicrop helps the plant withstand the pressures of frost, reducing the risk of damage at critical stages of growth.

Healthier Soils

Maxicrop has a direct effect on the soil flora and fauna by encouraging beneficial microbes to release more nutrients and growth stimulating compounds that favour stronger root growth.

Little & Often

Research has shown that to get the best results, Maxicrop needs to be applied in low doses but at regular intervals throughout the periods of active plant growth.

This “Little & Often” application approach keeps the plants and, where possible, immediate soil environment, ‘topped-up’ with all the beneficial components of our seaweed extracts.

This helps ensure that a suppressive soil is built up around the plants roots. It also strengthens the natural resistance mechanisms of the plants themselves, thereby leading to improved plant health and productivity. Research has shown that plants that are regularly exposed to low levels of our seaweed extracts establish bigger and deeper roots and are faster growing.

They also develop bigger and greener shoots that are more resistant to stresses from adverse weather conditions, thus allowing the plants to realise more of their yield and quality potential.

Soil & Leaf

To achieve faster crop establishment our seaweed extracts must be applied to the soil or young plants around the roots. Hydroponics, or drenching roots every week via a fertigation or some such other system, provides excellent results.

Once plants are well established, regular applications to the foliage should commence. These will improve the plant’s natural resistance mechanisms and help to combat the negative effects of adverse weather.

Applications to the foliage and roots will also enable plants to protect and maintain their photosynthetic apparatus during periods of stress allowing for better light utilisation and so providing greater energy for growth and productivity.

little often

Sustainable Harvest

While there are many types of seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum is vastly abundant and most widely used by bio-stimulant manufacturers worldwide. It provides a host of active bio-stimulant constituents.

Ascophyllum nodosum has been used in agriculture and horticulture for thousands of years. It grows abundantly in the clean, unpolluted Arctic waters off the northern coast of Norway.

Professional harvesters from Algea cut and gather the seaweed in specially designed boats.

The seaweed grows in the inter-tidal section of the coastline and the harvesting process takes care to leave its base attached to the rocks on which it is anchored.

This allows the seaweed to grow back fully after 4-5 years and Algea harvest the crop in careful rotation.

This sustainable method of harvesting has been practiced for over 60+ years, ensuring that this wonderful natural resource is maintained forever.

Production Process

The seaweed, taken fresh from the sea, is chopped, dried and milled into seaweed meal. This approach minimises loss of active constituents or microbial contamination – problems associated with other manufacturer processes that leave the seaweed to dry naturally.

Maxicrop is now manufactured in modern facilities in Norway, by Algea. However, the base extraction process still follows the successful formula developed by Maxicrop in the UK where macerated seaweed is hydrolysed in a pressure chamber, facilitating the extraction of all the main beneficial substances in seaweed.

This process is known to enable maximum extraction of beneficial compounds such as betaines, short-chain carbohydrates and sugars. Over 60 years, the process has been refined to produce a highly active, more complete base product than virtually all other extraction processes.

Maxicrop’s base extract, manufactured by this process, is sold in a variety of markets – including organic sectors and gardening.

We also supply products with a range of additional nutrients, thereby providing a complete fertiliser and bio-stimulant combination effect for a range of situations.

Rigorous quality control checks are carried out to ensure product consistency.

Known Constituents

Research continues in our efforts to fully understand the activity of the various components found in seaweed extracts.

However, we have identified the specific role of amino acids called betaines in a number of bio-stimulant processes. These betaines are very stable and abundant within our extract. Betaines present in Maxicrop include Glyceine betaines (GB), Gamma aminobutyric acid betaine (GABAB), Delta aminovaleric acid betaine (DAVAB) and small amounts of Laminine Fucus spp.

The role of cytokinins within seaweed extracts is less well appreciated. These products are easily destroyed by all manufacturing processes and unlikely to be available at concentrations likely to produce significant plant growth effects, whether the extract has been cold-processed or hydrolysed.

Better Products

Maxicrop is manufactured using a well-established hydrolysation process to produce a consistent extract, in solution.

Products manufactured by cold processes – as adopted by other manufacturers – do not produce liquid solutions.

While it is claimed that this process is less likely to damage active ingredients, there is no evidence that Maxicrop’s process damages or reduces betaines content. On the contrary, a hot alkaline process is essential to remove any carbohydrates and sugars bound tightly into seaweed cell walls.

Cold processes also provide less concentrated products, with actives – finely divided algae – held in suspension and thus more likely to block spray nozzles. Maxicrop’s process provides the user with a true solution.