Phostrogen Slow Release Plant Food & Moisture Control

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If you are a busy gardener looking for an easy way to look after your plants, Phostrogen® Slow Release Plant Food & Moisture Control is the only help you’ll need! An all in one product that slowly releases balanced nutrients gradually over 6 months to give your plants the support they need. The water storing crystals reduce the need for watering by 75%, which makes it the perfect solution to allow you more time to enjoy the garden. Just incorporate into compost or the top few centimetres of pot soil. For a garden you can be proud of with a minimum of effort – turn to Phostrogen® Slow Release Plant Food & Moisture Control!

    • A 2-in-1 combination of slow release plant food and water storing crystals
    • 6 months feeding
    • Reduces the need for watering
    • Food and water is released as plants need it
    • For use in pots, containers and hanging baskets, all around the garden and houseplants
    • Develops strong and healthy plants

Available sizes: 250 g

When to use

Not applicable

How to use

Application method: 
Granules & Gel
One 250g pouch treats 6-8 average size 12" containers or baskets. Mix 3-4 scoops in 10 litres of compost. Fore more instructions, please read the label.


    NPK 11-5-11

Precaution of use

Store under cool, dry conditions out of direct sunlight May be harmful if swallowed If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand Keep out of reach of children and pets Read label before use Protect from frost Spills are slippery when wet

Regulatory information