Feeding your garden since 1960

Phostrogen® All Purpose Plant Food provides the perfect balance of nutrients for all areas of the garden and for almost 60 years gardeners have trusted it in helping them achieve fantastic results. Fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers – it doesn’t matter what outdoor plants you grow in your garden; Phostrogen® will produce bigger plants, better blooms and more vegetables on a full spectrum of outdoor plants.
If you’ve grown up in a house with garden, you probably are familiarised with the Phostrogen® brand as you might remember it as your patents’ or even grandparents’ plant food choice - and whatrecommendation can be better than that? 
Until the production of Phostrogen® All-Purpose Plant Food in 1960, soluble plant foods were almost unknown in Britain. Gardeners were limited to liquid and granular fertilisers, both being heavy to transport, with reduced nutrient value and were relatively ineffective and expensive. With the creation of Phostrogen®, a revolutionary product was born which proved to be outstandingly successful. 
Today, Phostrogen® is one of the best-known names in gardening products and its range has expanded with various pack sizes and a slow release plant food & moisture control solution for busy gardeners.