Phostrogen Patio Plant Food 6x800g

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Just like us, plants need a well balanced diet to ensure they grow to their very best with strong roots, great health and bountiful blooms. Phostrogen Patio Plant Food is the help you need to get the best from your patio plants. An all purpose plant food for planters, pots, tubs and hanging baskets, it gives your patio plants the extra boost of nutrients needed for healthy foliage, flowers, fruits and vegetables. It's easy to use and its moisture resistant, re-sealable pouch makes it a very practical option.

    • All purpose plant food for healthy foliage, flowers, fruits and vegetables
    • For planters, pots, tubs and hanging baskets
    • Moisture resistant, re-sealable zip-lock pouch

Available sizes: 800 g

When to use

Not applicable

How to use

Application method: 
Measure the feed into a watering can, dilute with water and mix well Generously apply solution around the roots as far out as the foliage reaches Also apply to plant foliage (Note: Never foliar feed in direct sunlight) Phostrogen can also be used as a powder application. For more directions for use, consult the product packaging



    NPK 16-10-24

Precaution of use

Keep out of reach of children. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Read label before use. Pour any unused solution onto bare soil, not grass. Any spillage of concentrate powder onto lawns or foliage should be thoroughly watered in immediately. Stored under cool, dry conditions, this product will not deteriorate. If disposal is necessary, reseal and throw away with household waste.

Regulatory information