Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food 80 Can

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If you want a healthy garden with bigger plants, better blooms & more vegetables, then Phostrogen® is perfect for you. Phostrogen® All Purpose Plant Food is suitable for use on all garden plants including edible crops, fruit trees, lawns, young plants, seedlings and even houseplants. While the soil contains nutrients to help plants grow, over time even the richest soil becomes exhausted as the plants absorb the goodness they need through their roots. Unless the nutrients and trace elements are regularly replaced by the application of a well balanced feed, your plants will cease to thrive. Phostrogen® All Purpose Plant Food provides the perfect balance of nutrients containing a number of vital nutrients such as Iron (Fe) and Magnesium (Mg) in addition to Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK). Phostrogen® and has been helping gardeners achieve fantastic results for over 50 years. You may well remember it as the choice of your parents - so what recommendation can be better than that?

    • Promotes healthy green foliage, abundant flowers and fruit.
    • Helps plants become more drought resistant and develop a strong healthy root system.
    • For use on all plants indoors and out
    • Ideal for seedlings and lawns
    • Includes scoop for measuring

Available sizes: 800 g

When to use

Not applicable

How to use

Application method: 

Measure the feed into a watering can, dilute with water and mix well Generously apply solution around the roots as far out as the foliage reaches Also apply to plant foliage (Note: Never foliar feed in direct sunlight) Phostrogen can also be used as a powder application. Apply 70g per square metre (2oz per square yard) as a soil dressing in Spring and repeat in Summer For more directions for use, consult the product packaging



    NPK 16-10-24

Precaution of use

Keep out of reach of children. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Read label before use. Pour any unused solution onto bare soil, not grass. Any spillage of concentrate powder onto lawns or foliage should be thoroughly watered in immediately. Stored under cool, dry conditions, this product will not deteriorate. If disposal is necessary, reseal and throw away with household waste.

Regulatory information