Maxicrop Plus Complete Garden Feed 500ml

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Maxicrop Complete Garden Feed is a balanced all-purpose seaweed extract based fertiliser for all flowers, shrubs, fruit and trees. A great solution for excellent healthy growth all round the garden, due to its unique double value combination of pure Seaweed Extract plus a balanced NPK Fertiliser. Simple, safe and economical to use as a root drench or foliar spray throughout the growing season. 

    • General purpose fertiliser that encourages strong healthy grow
    • Aids rooting and establishment
    • Helps produce high quality plants and crops

Available sizes: 500 ml

When to use

Not applicable

How to use

Application method: 
Shake well before use Add required amount to water and stir well Apply using watering can, fine sprayer or hose-end dilutor YOUNG PLANTS: Dilute 15ml in 9 litres - Apply as a root drench every 7-14 days. MATURE PLANTS: Dilute 30ml in 9litres - Apply as root drench every 7-14 days OR Dilute 20ml in 9 litres - Apply as foliar spray thoroughly wetting leaves, every 7-14 days. HOUSE PLANTS: Dilute 15ml in 4.5 litres - Apply as root drench as required (spring and summer only)

To complete your product



    seaweed extract + NPK 5-5-5

Precaution of use

Reseal container after use Protect from frost Store out of direct sunlight above 0°C and below 30°C

Regulatory information