Maxicrop Organics

Organic Crops

Any natural product that can relieve the effects of plant stress during critical periods of growth will have an obvious role to play in organic crop production.

For this reason, Maxicrop is widely used by organic fruit, vegetable and salad crop producers as a means of resisting problems due to pest and disease attack and minimising environmental stresses.

Regular Use is the Key

Early on in the growth of a crop, Maxicrop helps stimulate soil microbial activity, turning over any plant residues and rendering nutrients more readily available.

This in turn encourages healthier rooting and better crop establishment with minimal checks in growth or transplant shock.

During the season, little and often applications, will maintain high leaf chlorophyll levels, ensuring maximum utilisation of available radiation and strong growth.

Regular applications will also maintain a high stress-resistance threshold, helping the plant’s internal defence mechanism keep pests and diseases at bay.

Towards the end of the season, Maxicrop helps retain green leaf retention and productive growth, thereby maximising yield potentials and improving crop quality.

Products Approved for Organic Growing

Maxicrop Original – is approved for organic growing systems by the Soil Association and have been widely used for years.

For growers wanting the benefits of Maxicrop seaweed extract and a balanced fertiliser for organic growing, Maxicrop Natural Fertiliser is an excellent option.

This product is made from plant extracts and seaweed – no animal products are used – and is approved by the Soil Association.

In addition, Maxicrop has several products approved for organic growing systems including ‘Take Root’, Compost Maker, Seaweed Meal, Cal-Sea-Feed.