Maxicrop Cal-Sea-Feed 2kg

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CAL-SEA-FEED is a sustainable alternative to Calcified Seaweed approved for organic growing. With a blend of sustainable seaweed meal & natural calcium compounds, it neutralises acid soils & improves the soil structure & condition, whilst supplying minerals. As a result, plants are able to take up more nutrients for strong healthy growth. This Soil Association approved version of Calcified Seaweed can be used in organic gardening without environmental damage. It can be used on heavy clay soils or on areas where soil acidity needs to be reduced. 

    • A sustainable alternative to Calcified Seaweed - a blend of susteinable seaweed meal and natural calcium compounds
    • Neutralises acid soils
    • Improves soil structure and condition
    • Supplies minerals
    • Gives the benefits of Calcified Seaweed without the environmental concerns
    • Approved for organic growing
    • Soil Association Certified Produce

Available sizes: 2 kg

When to use

Not applicable

How to use

Application method: 
Apply at the rate of 70g per sq.m. Just spread on top of soil or work in by hoeing, rakin or lightly forking. Dress lawns in early spring to improve soil and grass condition.

To complete your product

Surface treated

  • 28.5sq.m


    calcified seaweed substitue

Precaution of use

Store in safe, cool, dry place away from children. Re-seal pack after use

Regulatory information