Gardens, a health ally

Cultivating your garden means cultivating your health!

For more than 10,000 years, the period during which man progressed from the hunter-gatherer-fisherman stage to the farmer-breeder stage, our history has been inextricably bound by the close relationship we have with soil, the earth, humus (a word with the very same origin as “human”!).

However, over a few decades our modern way of life has moved us away from these roots, resulting in a lack of regular physical activity, and the consumption of industrially-produced food that, on average, travels several hundred kilometres to our plates.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) notes that on average, a French person takes 8,000 steps per day, while they should be taking 10,000 to remain fit and healthy.

Similarly, the High Council of Public Health recommends the consumption of five fruits and vegetables per day, favouring environmentally-friendly production methods using few pesticides, and local and seasonal production.

Gardening provides the ideal response to this, as it combines what is useful and what is enjoyable, it offers physical and mental health, and delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables plucked from your garden straight onto your plate.


Gardening means good health: for you, your loved ones, and the environment!

Gardening means physical health!

Did you know?

30 mins of gardening is equivalent to 20 mins of walking or 15 mins of cycling, and a 1,000m² lawn regularly cut with a self-propelled lawnmower represents more than 100 kms of walking per year. Gardening also means developing dexterity as you graft, cut, prune and transplant; it means maintaining flexibility when weeding a flower bed; you develop your strength when you plant trees, shrubs, cut wood, etc.;

Gardening has been medically recognised as an ally helping to stave off cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity.

Gardening means mental health!

You tune in to the rhythm of nature, have physical contact with the earth, and physically gather the fruits of your efforts.  Gardening means creating one’s own little world of relaxation, sharing your harvests with others; gardening has stress-busting benefits! 

Gardening means healthy food!

A shining example of a short circuit, having a kitchen garden and an orchard is to be a locavore champion! You know what you’re eating as you’re the only participant “from garden to plate”, and you’re treated to unrivalled nutritional and taste qualities. The very short time frame between harvesting and consumption allows for all the health benefits of fruits and vegetables to be preserved: their vitamins, polyphenols known for their therapeutic benefits and antioxidant properties.

Gardening is a hobby that offers you a multitude of benefits.

Gardening means healthy food!