Gardens to fuel one’s passion, and pocket.

A passion for gardening

Man has been gardening for more than 15,000 years, in the era after evolving from the fisherman-hunter-gatherer phase. Today, France is home to more than 17 million gardeners and just as many diverse gardens. Gardens are attractive, they inspire passion, and are a great deal more than just a passing fancy. Gardens are making a comeback driven by ever-increasing mindfulness of the environment. 

The act of gardening develops a multitude of qualities: observation skills, a sense of anticipation, perseverance, questioning, curiosity, interaction and sharing (in all senses of the word), as well as humility.

Gardening, a passion shared by all 

A place of discovery, sharing and experimentation, a garden is like a second home opening out onto nature and in which we can very easily create different rooms that provide as many ecosystems to accommodate flora and fauna, true islands of biodiversity. 

Gardening doesn't have age limits: it surpasses generations, and applies to all, from 7 to 77 years of age, and older! You don’t need to have your own garden to be a gardener: allotments, shared gardens, loaned gardens, rooftop city gardens, vertical gardens... And there’s also no need to know a lot about gardening to start gardening: everything can be learnt over time. 

Gardening, a passion shared by all

Numerous events exist for those passionate about gardening:  

  • Visits to remarkable gardens
  • Visits to castles and their gardens (such as for example the Saint Jean de Beauregard Castle and the Domaine de Courson)
  • Trading of plants and seeds
  • Flower shows that are local horticultural exhibitions  

Cost-effective gardening 

A source of additional income, vegetable gardens and fruit orchards can play a significant role in balancing household budgets, especially when you consider that it is recommended to eat five fruits and vegetables a day. 

On average, a household purchases 84 kg of fruits and vegetables per year, for personal consumption (source INTERFEL 2013), at the average price per kilogram of organic fruits: €6.96 and €4.21 for organic vegetables. This represents a cost of approximately €420 per year (source: Rural Family Fruit and Vegetable Observatory)

A survey led by France Agrimer in 2009 revealed that a 100m² to 200m² vegetable garden produces the equivalent of €465 of vegetables per year.
Take the example of tomatoes: 10 tomato plants can easily produce 40 kg.
A tomato plant costs approximately €2, so for a capital outlay of €20, you can pick at least 40 kg. If you had to buy the same quantity that has been organically produced, it would cost €170. Even if you factor in your consumption of water, purchase of fertiliser and other gardening products, growing your own tomatoes will remain just as profitable! 

Just work out how much it would cost you to produce your own vegetables, and how much this would allow you to save each year: you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The average prices for organic production, as revealed for France in 2017 per Rural family is as follows:

  • Potatoes: €3.04/kg
  • Carrots: €2.57/kg
  • Green beans €9.64/kg
  • Strawberries: €11.27/kg
  • Cherries: €11.27/kg
  • Apples: €4.10/kg
  • Tomatoes: €4.32/kg. 
Cost-effective gardening