Baby Bio Outdoor Flower & Shrubs

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We’ve all looked at a neighbour’s garden and thought “How do they do it?”. How have they managed to grow hanging baskets that are overflowing with beautiful flowers? How are their containers so green and vibrant this far into the season? You can now also have a garden that you're proud of with a little help from Baby Bio® Outdoor Flower & Shrubs. Tailored to the needs of outdoor flowers & shrubs, it gives you up to 70% more flowers than if you were not feeding!

    • Feeds flowers & shrubs in containers, pots, beds and borders and hanging baskets
    • Potash boost to promote the growth of healthier and bigger blooms
    • Up to 70% more flowers compared to not feeding
    • Great value: concentrate makes up to 75 litres per bottle
    • Added biostimulants to improve nutrient uptake

Available sizes: 750 ml

When to use

Not applicable

How to use

Application method: 
Shake before use Using the measuring cup, dilute 10 ml product into 1 litre water and water normally around the base of the plant Repeat applications every 2 weeks while the plant is actively growing. In between feeds continue to water normally depending on the plant’s needs



    NPK 5.5-5-7.5

Precaution of use

Store under cool, dry conditions out of direct sunlight If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand Keep out of reach of children Read label before use Wash off any spills or leaks immediately from porous surfaces to avoid staining Protect from frost