Baby Bio Orchid Feed & Mist

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Orchids make a beautiful addition to any home and can last for years without needing a huge amount of attention. That's not to say they can't be helped to look their best! In order to thrive, Orchids need a high level of humidity – much higher than the one normally found in our homes. Baby Bio® Orchid Feed & Mist is ideal to boost humidity levels and moisturise the atmosphere, replicating the microclimate found in the tropical rainforest where they normally grow. Some of the Orchid misters available in specialised stores spray only a few bigger droplets on the leaves. As a consequence, the moisture and the feed element are only absorbed where the droplets are located. This is not ideal, because Orchids need humidity and nutrients across the entire surface of their leaves, stems and roots. Baby Bio® Orchid Feed & Mist delivers a super-fine mist spray, which ensures the moisture and nutrients are evenly distributed and absorbed by the plant.

    • Contains all essential nutrients needed to encourage healthy flowering
    • A super fine mist spray that moisturises and delivers nutrients to every part of the plant
    • A convenient, but effective ready to use formulation
    • For longer lasting flowers
    • Ready to use formulation: just point and spray!

Available sizes: 175 ml