Baby Bio Orchid Compost

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It's a good idea to repot Orchids yearly, or at least every two years, in springtime. Repotting will encourage your Orchid to reflower. If left too long, the compost starts to break down creating an environment susceptible to root rot. Orchids live on tree branches in the tropical forest, which is why they need a bark-based compost. Baby Bio® Orchid Compost is specifically formulated for repotting Orchids. It has an open structure and produces free-draining conditions which are essential for the well being of the plant. It also has added nutrients, to ensure your Orchids thrive after being repotted.

    • Excellent draining properties for the root system
    • Balanced nutrients for healthy vibrant Orchids
    • Specially formulated to provide ideal growing conditions for your Orchids
    • A bark based free draining structure for healthy growth

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RGP:3.49 £ (5 l)

When to use

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How to use

Application method: 
Ready to use
Choose a clean pot with just enough room for roots Place a layer of gravel in the bottom and fill one third with orchid compost Take the plant out of its existing pot and remove any dead roots Place the orchid in the pot so the crown is just below the rim Place more compost between and around the roots tapping the pot to settle the compost Water thoroughly with clean tepid water, support with a cane if necessary Begin feeding with Baby Bio Orchid Food during growing and flowering season Avoid over-watering Avoid fluctuations in room temperatures as this may cause leaf drop

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Precaution of use

We recommend wearing gloves when gardening Keep the bag closed after use to prevent drying out Store in a dry, frost free environment Keep away from garden chemicals