Baby Bio Leaf Wipes

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    Houseplants can help transform a house into a home and sometimes a little bit of care can help them stay healthy and vibrant. In order to help them breath and grow to their best, use Baby Bio® Leaf Wipes to get rid of all the dirt and dust covering the leaves. By doing so, you'll make sure the right amount of light reaches the leaves which is essential for the plant's well-being. Baby Bio® Leaf Wipes contain mild oils that leave a natural-looking, healthy shine.

      • Leaf wipes impregnated with mild oils to gently clean and shine
      • Harmful dust and dirt is wiped away to leave a natural-looking, healthy shine
      • Allows plants to breathe
      • Easy to use tub dispenser

    When to use

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    How to use

    Application method: 
    Ready to use
    Support the underside of the leaf with the palm of your hand and gently wipe the leaf surface. When the wipe becomes dry or dusty, use a fresh one. Repeat as necessary to maintain shine. Do not treat the underside of leaves. Do not treat prickly or hairy leaved plants, Yucca, Ferns, Palm, Cacti or Poinsettias.

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    Precaution of use

    If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Keep out of reach of children. To prevent wipes drying out, always close container after use.