Baby Bio


Feeding your houseplants for over 60 years

With the first iconic Baby Bio® bottle being produced in 1951, the nation’s favourite houseplant food has retained its position as market leader year after year. There’s a reason why Baby Bio® is the best-known gardening brand in Britain, with over 90% of gardeners knowing and recognising it. Baby Bio® comprises a formula that helps houseplants stay greener and produce brighter and more vibrant flowers, whilst providing them with all the nutrients they need to not only survive, but thrive.

The instantly recognizable brand and packaging has evolved over the years and although the formula remains unchanged, the range has expanded and now includes feed for orchids, citrus, herbs, leaf care products and houseplant insecticides.

Baby Bio


Newly added to the Baby Bio Range:

Our new Bonsai and Cactus Foods provide the balanced nutrients needed for you to support your plants healthy growth. Give them the boost they deserve to enjoy steady growth and beautiful blooms.

*GFK GB Panel Market excl. Ironmongers, Houseplant Care, October 2019 to September 2020