Baby Bio Citrus Food

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There is something really satisfying about growing your own citrus trees. Although they require a bit more care and attention than other houseplants, their tasty fruits, shiny dark green leaves and beautifully scented flowers will make your effort worth. One of the challenges about growing citrus trees outside their natural climate is that they have to be grown indoors during winter and outdoors in summertime, often requiring different feed in each season especially if you want them to flower and bear fruit. Baby Bio® Citrus Food will help you tackle this challenge, as its unique, well balanced feed is perfect for use all year round, helping to keep your citrus plants strong and healthy regardless the season. Baby Bio® Citrus Food is the perfect feed for all types of citrus plants, as it is reach in potassium and contains the trace elements required for healthy plants, good flower and fruit production.

    • Well balanced feed, including trace elements required for healthy plants.
    • For healthy fruit, leaf and root development.
    • No need for separate summer and winter feed.
    • High in potassium for good flower and fruit production

Available sizes: 175 ml

When to use

Not applicable

How to use

Application method: 
To keep leaves green and healthy feed weekly during the summer, adding 5-10 drops to 1/2 litre of water. Plants will need less watering during the winter, so just add feed at the same rate as above every time you water.

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    NPK 6.6-4.7-8.6

Precaution of use

Keep out of reach of children. Protect from frost. Store under cool, dry conditions out of direct sunlight. If medical advice is needed, have product label at hand. Read label before use.

Regulatory information