Baby Bio Cactus Food

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Cactus and succulent plants are a great addition to any home, coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours! Baby Bio® Cactus Food is the ideal feed for your cacti and succulents, aiding healthy growth and flowering, the feed also helps to build stronger spines for your plants. It can be used on a range of plants including Mammillaria, Sempervivum, Aloe, Christmas cacti & many more.

    • Aids healthy growth & flowering
    • For stronger spines & balanced growth
    • Ideal for Mammillaria, Sempervivum, Aloe, Christmas cacti & many 

Available sizes: 175 ml

When to use

Not applicable

How to use

Add 5-10 drops to ½ litre (1 pint) of water every time you water, OR mix ½ capful in 1 litre (2 pints) of water and feed every 2 weeks. Use when the plants are actively growing.


Regulatory information

Store under cool, dry conditions out of direct sunlight.

Protect from frost 

If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.

Wash hands after use

Keep out of reach of children.

Read label before use.